Saturday, August 22, 2009

Watson Family Reunion

Just a few images from the Watson family reunion! More to come as soon as I can get to them! Thank you so much for asking me to join your family during this important event. It was wonderful to see a family who cared about one other so much!


  1. Tammy...these are wonderful so far! Thank you so much for helping us out today. I didn't have to worry about trying to take photos and could enjoy the special event. I loved the one of my mom's cousin, Burke, playing Jeopardy...she looks like she is having fun! :0)

    You were wonderful and I would recommend you to anyone!

    Jacy King

  2. OK, of course i haf to leave a comment now that i've seen a picture of Julie! That's a great pic of my little girl! like my Jay said, the pictures look great so far. We all had a BLAST and loved the fact you were there to capture it all for us. It was a blessing for Everyone there to have u taking pictures. great job and thanx again!